We are always in need of extra hands to accomplish everything on our ever-growing project list!  We host a volunteer work-party about once a month to bust out a big task, followed by food and fun. Check our events calendar and follow our Facebook page for updates.  

We are also a new member of WWOOF-USA (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) where interested folks can volunteer on the farm a few hours per day in exchange for educational opportunities and room and board.  Check out our listing.  

Volunteer Info: 

For 2020, the project list is long!  As we are still in the beginning stages of development, there is much to do to get this farm in working order.  Thus, we are looking for up to 4 seasonal volunteers (from April through October), staying between 1 week - 3 months) to help get the party started!  We also host a volunteer work-party &/or workshop about once a month, always followed by food and fun.  Check our events calendar and follow our Facebook page for updates.   


We are guided by permaculture principles and practices and, although no extensive experience is required, any knowledge or background in permaculture, biodynamics, natural building, appropriate technology, etc could be helpful.  Volunteers will work primarily alongside Aimee (the farm host) but also alone or with other volunteers at times and should have a positive attitude and be willing to take initiative and also provide your own insight and creativity.

Work in 2020 includes: soil preparation, plant propagation, orchard care, beekeeping, tree planting, trellising, gardening (planting, weeding, mulching, pest control), harvesting, food preservation, fermentation, home brewing, cooking, splitting wood, nature trail building, and a whole bunch of building projects (including a barn, a shower house, a tiny cabin, a garden shed, a chicken coop, a greenhouse, a deck, a wood-fired hot tub and an earthen oven). Volunteers should expect to work 4 hours per day but the schedule is flexible.  There may also be opportunities to learn and practice a variety of primitive skills such as basket weaving, flint knapping, wild foraging, tincturing, archery, etc. Aimee (farm host) is always happy to share her yoga practice as well.

Accommodations and Meals:  Volunteers will stay in one of the tiny off-grid guest cabins (no indoor plumbing) and/or tent camping with access to a simple outdoor kitchen, a composting toilet, shower (hot), and laundry. The pond serves as an excellent swimming hole on hot days and we love a nice campfire at night.  Meals will be prepared together (we will rotate cooking duty depending on number of volunteers) and are typically vegetarian, however, we any dietary needs/restrictions can be accommodated. There is a farm truck to assist with farm tasks and errands.

What to do in your down time?:   The surrounding area provides plenty to do.  The nearest town (which has a supermarket, hardware store, post office, medical center, bar/restaurants, etc) is 6 miles away.  Amish farm markets and bakeries are 10-13 miles away.  The nearest state park (with a lake) is only 2 miles away and there is a wonderful nature preserve within 7 miles.  Nearby recreational opportunities include: hiking, mt biking, kayaking, fishing, disc golf, boating, birding, etc.  

We look forward to connecting and sharing with the you and hope to forge lasting friendships with our volunteers! Come get your hands dirty and have some fun with us!