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CSA Share, September 1

Here's what's in the bag this week!

Kale & Chard Mix

Salad Mix

Cherry Tomatoes (heirloom mix, 1 pint)

Slicing Tomatoes (heirloom variety, 4; caprese pizza recipe)

Sweet Corn (half dozen, sweet corn chaat recipe)

Sugar Cube Cantalouupe

Red Bell Peppers (2, Roasted Red Peppers recipe)

Yellow Squash (1)

Mild-Hot Peppers (jalapeno, banana, garden salsa, habanada, roulette, homemade salsa recipe)

Small Potatoes (1 quart; garlic roasted potatoes recipe)

Sweet Potatoes (sweet potato hash recipe)

Red Beets (3 small; balsamic beet salad recipe)

Hardneck Garlic (one bulb)


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