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CSA Share, July 7

This week's harvest share is full of color and texture, and a couple of fun, rare items.

Here's what's in the bag (check out some of my favorite recipes below)!

Kale Mix (1/2 lb, rinsed and trimmed. Here's an easy kale salad recipe including a "how & why" to massage your kale)

Salad Mix (1/2 lb, rinsed. It's hot out! Eat salads!)

Radishes (put 'em in a salad or roast them!)

Sugar Snap Peas (eat fresh or sauté, great in a stir-fry)

Peppers (a mix of bell pepper, sweet banana, garden salsa, hungarian wax, &/or jalapeno)

Kohlrabi (Purple. It's crunchy w/ a sweet & peppery cabbage flavor. Here's a link to 20 easy kohlrabi recipes)

Eggplant (either white knight or midnight moon. I love it roasted.)

Cucumbers (try this quick cucumber salad recipe!)

Gooseberries (1 pint. I've been loving this easy gooseberry tart recipe. Serve warm with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream)

Summer Squash (a zucchini, a yellow straightneck and a yellow scallop. Grill, sauté, zoodle, or even this mock apple pie!)

Green Onions (chop em up, add them to everything savory... or just eat them raw like an appalachian)

Beets (red & golden. Grate them into a fresh salad, roast or pickle 'em)

Basil (a big ol' bag -over 5oz, mixed varieties- perfect for a batch of pesto)

Thanks so much for supporting me and my little farm!

PS: I should have enough tomatoes to share next week!


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