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CSA Share, August 4

Here's what's in the bag this week (tomatoes are finally here in full force!)!

Slicing Tomatoes (variety of heirlooms; french tomato tart recipe)

Cherry Tomatoes (variety of heirlooms, 1 quart)

Green Beans (calima, 1 lb; sauteed green beans with garlic recipe)

Green Bell Peppers (3; stuffed green peppers recipe)

Mild-Hot Peppers (jalapeno, banana, garden salsa)

Kale Mix (5 oz bag, washed and trimmed)

Slicing Cucumber (1)

Yellow Squash (1)

Eggplant (1 midnight moon, 2 white knight; crispy eggplant fries recipe)

Fresh Basil (2.5 oz)

Ground Cherries (small bag)

Herb Bundle (thyme, sage, rosemary; throw some fresh herbs in your eggs, soups and sauces)

Garlic (1 bulb, hardneck variety; use with the green bean recipe above!)

Pickles (1 pint jar; full disclosure, they are a tad salty)

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous of bag of garden fresh goodies! Thanks, again, for supporting this small farm!


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