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CSA Share, August 4

Here's what's in the bag this week (tomatoes are finally here in full force!)!

Slicing Tomatoes (variety of heirlooms; french tomato tart recipe)

Cherry Tomatoes (variety of heirlooms, 1 quart)

Green Beans (calima, 1 lb; sauteed green beans with garlic recipe)

Green Bell Peppers (3; stuffed green peppers recipe)

Mild-Hot Peppers (jalapeno, banana, garden salsa)

Kale Mix (5 oz bag, washed and trimmed)

Slicing Cucumber (1)

Zucchini (1, scarpaccia italian zucchini tart recipe)

Yellow Squash (1)

Eggplant (1 midnight moon, 2 white knight; crispy eggplant fries recipe)

Fresh Basil (2.5 oz)

Ground Cherries (small bag)

Herb Bundle (thyme, sage, rosemary; throw some fresh herbs in your eggs, soups and sauces)

Garlic (1 bulb, hardneck variety; use with the green bean recipe above!)

Pickles (1 pint jar; full disclosure, they are a tad salty)

Hope you enjoy this gorgeous of bag of garden fresh goodies! Thanks, again, for supporting this small farm!

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