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Primitive Skills Workshops

Got skills? ... like nun-chuck skills?

Well, me neither. BUT, if you are into the earthy / primitive / survival -style skills, you are in luck! Super-amazing earth-skills expert, Fern Truitt, has joined the Fruitdale Farm team! AND, later this year, we will start hosting a monthly primitive skills workshop featuring a new skill each month!

We actually already kicked off this primitive skills series in March. The first workshop was held on Sunday, March 11th, where we learned how to make bowls and spoons using the COAL-BURNING technique. At the second workshop, held on Sunday, March 25th, we learned the art of the BLACKSMITH. Both workshops were well attended and everyone left with a completed piece and a new skill to take home. (Check out the slideshow below!)

However, Fern was recently accepted for a six-month internship at Tom Brown Jr's Tracking School up in the pine barrens of New Jersey. The internship runs from April through September, so we will resume these workshops when Fern returns in October. I'm excited to find out what new skills she will acquire over these next six months.

That being said, there will be a PRIMITIVE COOKING workshop in October! The event is up on the events calendar with a link to the event on Facebook. And if you're wanting to learn or perfect your friction fire making skills, stay tuned for the November workshop. Hope to see ya around Fruitdale in the coming months!

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