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CSA Share, October 6

Here's what's in the bag this week!

Be sure to check out the recipe links for some delicious inspiration for this fresh veg!

Heirloom Tomatoes (3 cherokee purple, spanish stuffed cherokee purple tomatoes)

Sugar Pumpkin (how to roast a pumpkin and make puree, 15 fresh pumpkin recipes)

Bell Peppers (2 red; grilled cheese-stuffed roasted red peppers)

Sweet Potatoes (1 qt; sweet potato bisque)

Eggplant (2 medium; easy roasted eggplant - my go-to!)

Cucumbers (3 slicers; quick cucumber kimchi, cucumber, tomato & feta salad, strawberry-cucumber juice)

Mild-Hot Peppers (pepper poppers; bacon-wrapped poppers; use all types -sweet or hot- for these tasty poppers)

Garlic, hardneck (one bulb; easiest ever garlic bread --this is the best hack!)

Zucchini (2, zucchini pancakes)

Swiss Chard (bundle; swiss chard with cannellini beans)

Okra (one bunch; bamya: mediterranean style okra)

Herb bundle (tarragon, chives, thyme)

Also, just a heads up, the last CSA share will be Friday, 10/20.

Thanks, as always, for supporting my small farm! ~Aimee

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